UNIC ZU 122 Izoard log hauler "orange / grey"

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Collectable scale model;  precise, highly detailed, accurate, assembled diecast model, scale 1/24

Superb scale model of a highway legend from the '50 / '60, the 1960 UNIC ZU 122 Izoard, 6 cylinders, 160 HP truck with sleeper and a flatbed with ranchers.

Version log hauler

Notice ! model supplied without wood logs

Category «Vehicles of Heritage»


  • Diecast cab and chassis
  • Diecast flatbed body, plastic backsplash
  • Engine, wheels, suspensions, chassis, cab interior fully detailed
  • Opening bonnet in four removable parts and two opening parts
  • Opening cab doors
  • Steering front wheels
  • Rotating rear transmission shaft with rear wheels
  • Opening rear doors
  • Removable metallic ranchers
  • Rack for ranchers behind front backsplash

  • Scale 1/24, lenght about 38,0 cm (15")

Limited edition with certificate

This model truck is sold exclusively by

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email : editionscany@live.fr
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Modèle extraordinaire avec les grumes, faciles à trouver, dans les bois !!
A quand les autres ????
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