UNIC ZU 122 Izoard high rack stake truck (Market produce truck) "green"

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Collectable scale model;  precise, highly detailed, accurate, assembled diecast model, scale 1/24

Superb scale model of a highway legend from the '50 / '60, the 1960 UNIC ZU 122 Izoard, 6 cylinders, 160 HP truck with sleeper and a high rack stake body.

During the '50s and '60s, the term 'primeurs' described merchandise/goods carriers and, by extension, the transporters/truckers who expedited fruits and vegetables from the growing regions, mainly of Provence  - to the consumers - typically Paris and other large cities (*). Like the UNIC ZU 122 Izoard, the fastest, most powerful, and reliable trucks were favoured by the 'primeurs'. The trucks were fitted with produce bodies offering space over the cab, a dropping rear tailgate (for loading additional crates), and side doors to facilitate loading and unloading which was still done by hand. This 'produce body', often of wood construction over a metal frame, was ventilated in the upper area by open spaces and, in good weather, the tarpaulin could be pulled back.

The scale model offered by MAQMADON very effectively incorporates all these characteristics of the 'produce body': upper ventilation, opening side doors, dropping tailgate, and real wood trim. These model does not have applied graphics but are supplied with a water decal transfer sheet allowing the collector, if desired, to personalize their own example. The water decal transfer sheet contains graphics for 4 produce transport companies with appropriate images for doors, frontal body surface, front and rear license plates, and department ID plates.

(*) This legend was popularized by the television program series 'La Route', aired in 1964.

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  • Diecast cab and chassis
  • Diecast high rack stake body
  • Engine, wheels, suspensions, chassis, cab interior fully detailed
  • Opening bonnet in four removable parts and two opening parts
  • Opening cab doors
  • Steering front wheels
  • Tires accurately modeled; tread shape, sidewall markings, dimensions
  • Rotating rear transmission shaft with rear wheels
  • Opening side doors
  • Opening rear doors
  • Opening tail gate
  • Removable canvas
  • Stake body clad with real wood
  • Scale 1/24, lenght about 38 cm (15")

Limited edition with certificate




bonjour très belle reproduction de camion zu unic jais vue le même que celui la dans le tournage d'une série tl (la route ) qui était diffusé en 1963/ 64 cette série peut se trouvé pour tous les amateurs et passionné de anciens camion il y avait l'acteur jean Gaven (morin des mort ) et ( rené Darry ) que de souvenir car ses camions miniature ressemble vraiment a des vrais ?? peut -être vous allez vous attaqué aux 1/ 8 pour nous évité d'acheté un vrais camion lol je plaisante plus on voie une grande échelle plus on se croirais dans un vrai camion
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