Privacy Notice

1. General Terms
The General Terms governing relations between MAQMADON and customers include the following items
a) Shipping and returns
b) Privacy Notice
c) Conditions of Use

2. Identification of  MAQMADON, address, contact
40 Les Vieux Arbres
tel +33 3 83 25 38 16

3. Protection of personnal datas
As a merchant website MAQMADON has to collect some informations which are necessary for order processing and to follow customers. All this informations are confidential and only for internal use. This informations neither are transmitted nor yielded voluntarily to anyone, on a purely free or expensive basis.
However, MAQMADON has to communicate some of the informations to the implied entities in charge of payment processing or delivery.
MAQMADON  release itself from any responsibility in the event of fraudulent capture of datas.
The file of personnal datas on MAQMADON website is duly declared to CNIL (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés). Every customer can consult, rectify, cancel all the data which relates to him.