Shipping & Returns

1. General Terms
The General Terms governing relations between MAQMADON and customers include the following items
a) Shipping and returns
b) Privacy Notice
c) Conditions of Use

2. Identification of  MAQMADON, address, contact
40 Les Vieux Arbres
tel +33 3 83 25 38 16

3. Shipping and delivery
After  the effective cashing from the payment of the order, MAQMADON  commit itself shipping under 8 working days, except case of major force.
In the contrary case, the customer will be informed. For reasons of availability, an order could be delivery in several times, but the delivery costs are payed only once. If the customer wishes several delivery addresses or several shippings, he has to order several times and pay several delivery costs.
Delivery will be in charge of French Post Office « Colissimo », with tracking and signature when receiving according to the countries of destination, or by  an other parcel service organisation if the volume of the parcel exceeds the limits allowed by French Post Office. In this case, the customer must preliminary contact MAQMADON  for agreement on delivery costs.
The delivery periods are under responsability of French Post Office or other Parcell Service Organisation, and are added to MAQMADON shipping time.

4. Receiving of parcels
The customer must verify  condition of each parcel when arriving. The customer must deny a parcel only in the following cases
a) open parcel
b) parcel which obviously was open
c) seriously damaged parcel
If the customer deny a parcel, he must fill a refusal form with written indication of the reason for the refusal, date and signature.
In other cases, the customer must accept the parcel, and the customer has 48 hours to claim and notify by written letter to MAQMADON damage, lack, breakage.

5. Lost  parcel
In case of delivery delay, the customer must report to MAQMADON. Then MAQMADON will contact French Post Office or Parcel Service organisation to claim and to make them investigate. If the parcel is not found after 21 days after shipping date, the parcel will be regarded as lost. In this case, MAQMADON will sent again a product in replacement, without extra charge for the customer. If the product were not available any more, MAQMADON will refund the product. If the product is still available but with a different price, the price selected will be the most interesting for the customer, and MAQMADON will refund the possible difference. If the lost parcel is found and delivered after the second shipping, the customer commits himself turning over the last delivered parcel.

6. Retractation
The retractation right gives to the customer a 7 days consideration period after receiving. During this period, the customer is able to turn over the product without justification and with no penalty. MAQMADON will refund the product, delivery costs included. The return shipping cost remains in customer charge.

7. Returns
The customer can or must turn over the product ordered and received in the following cases
a) retractation
b) damaged product
c) product different from the ordered product
d) parcel delivered twice (case of lost parcel)
The customer must preliminary contact MAQMADON to report the return reason and indicate his choice: exchange, refunding, account credit. The customer will receive a return number which will have to be indicated in the turn over sending. The shipping costs will be payed by MAQMADON, except in case a) retractation.
The turned over products must be in perfect state, complete with all the accessories, notices, documentations, and with a copy of the original invoice.
The amount of the refund or the account credit will include the product price and shipping costs. If the customer choose a refund, the refunding will take place within 30 days by cheque in the customer name.