Conditions of Use

1. General Terms
The General Terms governing relations between MAQMADON and customers include the following items
a) Shipping and returns
b) Privacy Notice
c) Conditions of Use

2. Identification of  MAQMADON, address, contact
40 Les Vieux Arbres
tel +33 3 83 25 38 16

3. Acceptation  of conditions
Any order for a product from this merchant website implies preliminary consultation and acceptation of the General Terms which will prevall on any condition in any other document, except preliminary express and written exemption.
Any customer has specific rights related to his quality of consumer, rights which will be called into question if products or services obtained from this merchant website would have a relation with a professionnal activity. Any customer states to have legal capacity to assume the General Terms.

4. Products
MAQMADON  presents in its merchant website the products to be sold with a complete description which makes it possible to the customers to know all features of products well before ordering.
The products are available while stocks last. Pictures are not contractual 
The products ar collectors model not suitable for children under 14 years.

5. Price and taxes
The prices are posted in Euro (€) and are valid at the date of the order. Prices are net and fixed. They included tax according country and VAT  assessment. They do not include delivery costs, added to the total before order validation.
MAQMADON reserves the right to change prices at every time, specially in case of fiscal tax or economic variations, however the products will be invoiced at the date of order.
Prices are posted with or without VAT according following cases :
a) Customers in France and EEC without VAT number, prices posted VAT included
b) EEC customers with VAT number, prices posted VAT included, total amount posted VAT free
c) Customers non EEC, Prices and total posted VAT free.
Customers non Metropolitan France commit themself paying all the taxes of importation, custom costs, VAT, force in the country of receiving the products. MAQMADON  release itself from any responsibility if these taxes are not payed by customers.

6. Order
The recording of the confirmation of order by the customer is regarded as being worth proof of the nature and contents of the order.
MAQMADON mail an order confirmation to the mail address indicated by the customer.
MAQMADON reserves the right to cancel any order from a customer with which there would be a unsolved litigation in relation with a previous order.
The customers assume the informations given when filling the account form and order informations. MAQMADON  release itself from any responsibility if the product could not be delivered.
All orders processed on MAQMADON website are only for customer personnal use.

7. Method of payment
The sale will be concluded only with the effective cashing from the payment of the order.
The customer can use any of the method of payment available on the website
a) Cheque (metropolitan France only)
b) Credit card (secure site of NEOS Solution)
c) Paypal
For any other payment method, the customer must preliminary contact MAQMADON for agreement.

8. Guarantee et responsability
MAQMADON  guarantee that the offered products are in conformity with the regulations in force in FRANCE. MAQMADON  release itself from any responsibility for any material or immaterial or body damage which could result from a faulty operation or faulty utilisation of products. In every case, MAQMADON responsability is formally limited to the product value, value at the date of sale.

9. Litigation
In case of litigation in relation with a transaction carried out on the MAQMADON website, the customer will contact by priority MAQMADON to obtain a friendly solution, eventually with assistance of anyone choosen by the customer.
If no friendly solution is obtained, the trade tribunal of NANCY will be the only  qualified tribunal, whatever the place of delivery or the payment method.

10. Website property
The whole MAQMADON website is the property of MAQMADON, including any rights and copyrights. Any reproduction partial or complete is submitted to prior agreement of MAQMADON. Only hypertext links to the website are allowed without authorisation.